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How to interpret this page: Below are the Week 15 games in the 1998 NFL regular season. For each game, the latest point spread is provided with the favored team having the point differential in parenthesis directly to the right.

 Based on The Author's analysis of Nostradamus' prophecies, he has color coded teams on the basis of how they will fare in each week's game. Teams highlighted in green are expected to win the game, both outright and with the point spread. Teams highlighted in red are expected to win the game; however, the prophecy of Nostradamus does not support a resounding win, such that it covers the point spread. Underlined teams are your overall pointspread winners.


Sunday, Dec. 13 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)

Arizona (-3) at Philadelphia, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The race of the winged,
Green vying red.
Detmer will make his brothers rapt,
But the more inspired will finish just ahead.

The Author's Thoughts: The last time these two played was in Arizona during Week 3. Jake Plummer rallied the Cards to two late touchdowns for a 17-3 win. Expect a closer game in Philadelphia, where the Eagles are 4-2 ATS at home. The Cardinals are in the middle of a playoff hunt and will be primed for this game. Philly's rookie QB Coy Detmer looks like the Bobby Hoying of last year. He has 4 TD passes in two games. Nostradamus expects a tenacious battle with these "fowl" teams; however, look for a last-second "Jake the Snake." miracle finish. You'd be smart to avoid this game.


Atlanta (-4.5) at New Orleans, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Birds of Prey fly high in the occident,
Crusader archers take aim.
The Christian defense is less than honorable,
And the Saint from the other squad shall help the visitors win the game.

The Author's Thoughts: Atlanta cannot afford to rest on their laurels. San Francisco is right on their heels. The Saints are also in a compelling must-win situation. However, watch their defense get caught off guard by the "Dirty Birds". O.J. Santiago (the "Saint from the other squad" perhaps) is predicted to have a big game. The Falcons defense produced three second-half turnovers in their mid-October matchup with the Saints, helping Atlanta to a 31-23 win. Atlanta's success resides in their ability to beat the lesser teams of the NFL. It will be within a touchdown, but the Falcons will take their eighth straight from N.O.


Chicago at Green Bay (-13.5), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The leader of Ursus has the look of pain,
But for once his growlers play with passion.
The horde of Green is wounded as well,
But the stronger team wins in reasonable fashion.

The Author's Thoughts:  The first of two Packers-Bears match-ups is just what Green Bay needs to get out of their funk. The Pack has won eight straight in this series; it will be nine after Sunday.  However, Green Bay has had trouble with everybody these days. They only beat the lowly Eagles by 8 just a couple weeks ago. The Bears injuries to Erik Kramer and Curtis Enis have been disastorous. They are due for a competitive effort this week.



Tennessee at Jacksonville (-3.5), 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Jungle Cat will stalk the Oily prey,
The second field marshall leads while the first is on the mend
Cubits of territory are gained by the Tailor

The campaign of the Titanic comes to an end.

The Author's Thoughts: Tennessee's dimming playoff hopes will be dealt a mortal blow. Even with Jamie Martin at QB, the Jaguars are living testament on the importance of depth in the NFL. They still have Fred Taylor at RB and OT Tony Boselli will be back. Jax is virtually unbeatable at home, a factor to consider come playoff time. 


Cincinnati at Indianapolis (-4), 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Two armies smitten with plague,
Winner of the day may lose when the day of reckoning comes.
The mutinous carry the day,
The horse stays mired in the doldrums.

The Author's Thoughts: The Bengals are departing from their typical pattern of finishing the season with a bang. They simply are losing from week to week. Meanwhile, the Colts are going to be hard-pressed to match last year's 3-13 debacle. Both of these teams are in the hunt for the #2 overall pick in the draft, which is probavly what Nostradamus alludes to in the second verse. Nostradamus liked the way Jeff Blake moved the Bengals in their loss to Buffalo. And Corey Dillon is quietly amassing another big-yardage season. Don't bet the Colts simply on the hunch that the Bengals will play dead after the Lee Johnson incident. Teams usually tend to win when confronted with these tumultuous distractions.

New England (-7) at St. Louis, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The wild arm of Banks is rested,
Whilst the miracles of Bledsoe shall again be tested.
The tournament at the field under the arch will be hoyly contested:
Once again, Aries is bested.

The Author's Thoughts: Here's two teams moving in opposite directions. The Rams will be hard-pressed to gain 50 yards against New England's strong run defense. However, Tony Banks is capable of making big plays. The key here is that the Patriots will be held to 17 points or less. The Patriots have no rushing attack and one of the few strong suits of the Rams is pass defense. Add to the mix that Pats TE Ben Coates will not suit up due to personal reasons. Upset potential here!

Denver (-12.5) at New York Giants, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The stampedes quest for perfection,

Against the Giant-men, they are exposed.

Elway is summoned for yet another miracle,

One four against zero is proposed.

The Author's Thoughts: There is no compelling justification that the Giants even have a prayer, other than the factoids that they are at home, Denver has had some tough games on the road and the Giants have to win this for any prayer for a post-season berth. It's worth a try to get the points with the Giants.


Oakland at Buffalo (-7), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The plundering of the Privateer is ended,
They are led to the Gallows.

The Bison drives to the second season,
They will decide the game while the game is shallow.

The Author's Thoughts: Oakland is on their way to an 8-8 season. They are, for all intent, out of the playoffs. Next to Randall Cunningham and Steve Young, Doug Flutie is my choice for NFLs best QB. He will pick apart Oakland's decimated secondary. Also, watch for a big game from RB Antwoin Smith. With Don Hollas at QB, the Raiders will have a hard time moving the ball against one of the better defenses in the league.

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay (-2.5), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Expected win for the Skulls is not to be,
Another band of Pirates are sunk.
The Iron weapons cut down the galleon,

The Black and Golden break out of their funk.

The Author's Thoughts: The winner of this game is postured for a playoff spot. While Nostradamus didn't expect much more than 9-7 out of Pittsburgh this year, he though the Bucs would have been at least a 10-6 team. Expect a low scoring affair with the Steelers on top. 


Washington at Carolina (-3), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

In the lair of the Cougar, the Natives are trapped,
Still reeling from the loss of the west.
A triumph for the star-crossed felines,
Who have long failed on their quest.

The Author's Thoughts:  In just about all of their losses, Carolina played competitively. Last weeks loss to the 49ers is a textbook effort. I like the way Steve Buerlein is playing. The Redskins have been playing well of late, considering the decimation of ranks through injury. The possible carrer-ending injury to Michael Westbrook may be just too much for Washington to overcome. Take the home team.  

San Diego at Seattle (-7), 4:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Hawks are a furious flock,
Denied conquest by unscrupulous decision.
They take out their frustrations on the blundering Steeds,
The arm of Kitna is one of precision.

The Author's Thoughts:  Seattle will win in a too little-too late effort. With Leaf or Whelihan, The Chargers offense is terrible.


Dallas at Kansas City (-2), 4:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Red Chief proved their worth,

Emotion channeled in positive fashion.

They defeat the stumbling Stars,

The lack of Dion will factor in their lashing.

The Author's Thoughts: Deion Sanders will play this Sunday. However, don't expect him to control 1/3 of the field as he typically does. Dallas is being exposed as a poser of late. Ironically, the other teams in the wretched NFC East seem to be coming to life while Dallas free falls. Bam Morris will have a big game for the Chiefs.



Minnesota (-10) at Baltimore, 4:15 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Viking ship is attacked at sea,
Angered Crows tear at their play.
The purple air lanes are choked off,
They need the help of the Horde to save the day.

The Author's Thoughts: Horde = Hoard. Look at the Vikings to win with the ground game. But this won't be like the games of catch Cunningham and Moss have been playing of late. Priest Holmes anchors a competent backfield up against a defense that gives up more ground than you'd expect. Minnesota has a tough game ahead.  


New York Jets at Miami (-3), 8:20 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The war of wars in the orient,
The Fliers still pondering their gift.
Every minute fought to the death.
Pieces decides it on the final shift.

The Author's Thoughts: I can't wait for this game. It will be one for the ages. Miami's offense has jelled since the Jets 20-9 pasting of Miami. The Jets are very inconsistent on the road and that may be their undoing. I also think the psychological burden of guilt over the Seattle game may play a factor here. But then again Parcells. Treat this game like the Cardinals-Eagles match.


Monday, Dec. 14


 Detroit at San Francisco (-10), 8:20 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Gold seekers win by two goals,

Leo is vexed -- they have many holes.

The Author's Thoughts: The only thing that is on the Lions favor is that Jerry Rice is playing hurt. With enough defense to control Sanders and plenty of offense to score often, the 49ers should have an easy time here. S.F. has won six of its last seven against Detroit. The Lions are 3-0 in national TV match-ups and absolutely unpredictable. But this time, they will be put out of their misery early. Where have you gone Scott Mitchell?