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How to interpret this page: Below are the Week 14 games in the 1998 NFL regular season. For each game, the latest point spread is provided with the favored team having the point differential in parenthesis directly to the right.

 Based on The Author's analysis of Nostradamus' prophecies, he has color coded teams on the basis of how they will fare in each week's game. Teams highlighted in green are expected to win the game, both outright and with the point spread. Teams highlighted in blue are expected to win the game; however, the prophecy of Nostradamus does not support a resounding win, such that it covers the point spread.



Thursday, Dec. 3

St. Louis at Philadelphia (-1), 8:20 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The tournament of buffoons pits Aries and Bird of Prey,
Neither squad with coups.
Detmer the second gives the mob something to revel,
A precarious outcome with Erne's conquest true.

The Author's Thoughts: The Eagles averaged 11/2 points in their two previous National TV encounters. One thing that may work in Philly's favor is the impressive play of Rookie QB Coy Detmer. He had 2 TD passes against Green Bay. Rodney Peete will also be able to play if Detmer is ineffective. The Rams play of late has been low caliber with QB woes of their own. Discounting the Eagles two pathetic efforts against Seattle and Dallas at the Vet, they are 2-1 at home -- the one loss a tight 24-21 decision against the Chiefs. This is Philadelphia's game to win and they should.

Sunday, Dec. 6 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)

Dallas (-6.5) at New Orleans, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The return of the Rancher to prominence,
Depends on conquest of the Fleur de Leis.
Against the Martyrs, Aikman will prove heroic,
Collins shall fail the exploit the wounded stellar secondary.

The Author's Thoughts: With the Cowboys atop the NFC East by default, they will stumble their way to a 10-6 record. However, watch them get caught off guard by the Saints. With playoff chances riding on this game, the Saints will fight to the end. However, Kerry Collins is no Randall Cunningham. Dallas' success resides in their ability to beat the lesser teams of the NFL. It will be close but it will be Dallas on top.

Detroit at Jacksonville (-7), 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The large Cat will behead the smaller one with powerful strikes,
Leo is an inspired troop.
Sanders and Batch gather cubits of territory,
An outcome forcing St. John's Few to regroup.

The Author's Thoughts: Detroit is on the scent of the final Wild Card in the NFC. The Lions offense is clicking of late. But check out their defense -- they have only given up an average of only 14 points in their last 5 games. Jacksonville OT Tony Boselli likely won't play Sunday. Lowly Chicago and Tampa Bay played Jacksonville tight even though the Jags were home. The only other time these two teams played (1995), Detroit won 44-0. It won't be that bad, but watch the Jaguars lose their first home game this Sunday.


Seattle at New York Jets (-7), 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Another defeat is handed to Silverhawk,
The Grand Fish plans their doom.
Their disappointing campaign ends in the swampland.
A long journey to the rainy land in a state of gloom.

The Author's Thoughts: Jump on the Green Bus. They went 4-1 in November and the Great Seer sees them sweeping December as well. Next to Denver and Minnesota, the Jets may be the best team in the NFL. With Testaverde, Martin, Cherbet and Johnson, these Jets have more offensive weapons than an F-14. Seattle's playoff hopes are dim; their goal for the rest of the season is developing QB Jon Kitna for next year. The Jets win, but by less than 7.


Buffalo (-4.5) at Cincinnati, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Their backs to the river,
The Bengalis don their war mask:
Though Pickens and Scott make crucial receptions,
The smallest of Bisons competes his task.

The Author's Thoughts: The Bengals are departing from their typical pattern of finishing the season with a bang. They simply are losing from wire to wire. Yet here's a team in the middle of the playoff hunt with the hottest quarterback in the league only a 4-to-5 point favorite. Why? Nostradamus liked the way Neil O'Donnell moved the team in their loss to Jacksonville. He also feels the Bills are still overrated and perhaps demoralized after the arbiters literally stole the Pats game from them. We'll give the Bills the benefit of a last-minute Flutie miracle. However, don't be too stunned by a Bengals upset.

Baltimore at Tennessee (-6), 3:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The treasonous unions battle,
The besieged must conquer or be forced to surrender.
McNair and George discover the goal line often,
Whilst the Crows without Louis will be quite tender.

The Author's Thoughts: Baltimore had a nice run of late, but they will definitely miss the services Jermaine Lewis. Tennessee has to win or else. They already beat the Ravens once at Baltimore. Look for a much higher scoring game than their last 12-8 encounter; this will favor the Oilers. The Oilers sweep the turncoat series.

New England at Pittsburgh (-7), 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The wild Stewart is rested,
Whilst the miracles of Bledsoe shall again be tested.
The field of three rivers is unkind to strangers,
And revolutionist is bested.

The Author's Thoughts: Here's two teams whose most recent outcomes were influenced greatly by the zebras. New England's strong run defense will contain the Bus. That spells trouble for Pittsburgh, who are 3-5 in games that Jerome Bettis fails to gain 100 yards. However, the Steelers are 5-1 at home. This game may have the look of last year's 7-6 defensive battle. Nostradamus has predicted Pittsburgh as a playoff entrant and New England not. Nostradamus likes the Steelers, but not by 7.

San Francisco (-9) at Carolina, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

In the lair of the Cougar, the prospector is ambushed,
Still mourning the loss of their young.
A convincing triumph when battlefields change,
The Golden helmets are hung.

The Author's Thoughts:  Nostradamus predicts a major upset. Carolina played the 49ers real tough on the road. True, Ty Detmer is no Steve Young, but Carolina was putting it to them on offense. Having home field advantage could make-up the difference. San Francisco is only a .500 team on the road. The 49ers short training cycle after a Monday Night game and the tragedy of Bryant Young's devastating leg injury all work in the Panthers favor. With the 'Frisco offense clicking on all cylinders these days, Nostradamus vision may be off on this one. But who am I to question the Great Seer.


San Diego at Washington (-3), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Savages are an inspired lot,
They defeat the uneven Steeds.
Though the season long since ended,
The arm of Green is what their future needs.

The Author's Thoughts:  Washington continues their too little-too late run. They beat the Chargers in a tight, low scoring game.

Atlanta (-10) at Indianapolis, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Horses are in free plummet,
They suffer despite young Manning's heroics.
The day belongs to the ancient arm,
The Birds of Prey are the choice of the stoics.

The Author's Thoughts: Still some uncertainty over who starts as Atlanta's QB is the cause. Even if Steve DeBerg starts, a steady diet of Jamal Anderson is all they need to win this game. Peyton Manning loses his favorite receiver, Rodney Harrison, who is out for the year with a shoulder injury. Too bad, Atlanta's pass defense is their achilles heel. The game should be close, but Atlanta should get their first-ever win against the Colts in 11 games.  


Kansas City at Denver (-13.5), 4:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Red Chief is poised for a stunning exhibition,

Emotion channeled in positive fashion.

They derail the immaculate juggernat,

The horse comes in short of passion.

The Author's Thoughts: Say it isn't so Nostradamus. But face it, who would have ever imagined Denver would be a two-touchdown favorite over KC before the season started. Denver slipped a little bit last year in December. A game of such rarefied rivalry can yield many different outcomes.


New York Giants at Arizona (-4.5), 4:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The battle of the middling squads,

Victory for the team in the hunt.

The serpent will go wild in the desert,

These Giants are merely a runt.

The Author's Thoughts: Arizona is 3-2 at home. They will move the ball well and score often. The Giants inept offense cannot keep pace.


Miami (-2.5) at Oakland, 4:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The plundering of the Privateer is ended,
They are led to the Gallows.

The porpoise drives to the second season,
They will make their opponent wallow.

The Author's Thoughts: Oakland is on the schnide. They are working their way out of the playoffs. Dan Marino is playing like the Marino we expect. With Don Hollas at QB, the Raiders will have a hard time moving the ball against the Miami defense.


Chicago at Minnesota (-16), 8:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The rout of routs,
No prayer for the Bear.
The purple pass-catchers dance in the end zone,
To the joy of the citizens in Thor's lair.

The Author's Thoughts: Even without Robert Smith, the Vikings have more than enough to beat the wretched Bears by 4 touchdowns. However, with both Jake Reed and Smith down with injury, Minnesota may have some tough games ahead.  

Monday, Dec. 7


Green Bay (-4) at Tampa Bay, 8:20 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Expected rout becomes an ambush in the lair of Gaspar,
Pack and Pirate do fierce war.
The outcome will be decided in the fleeting moments,

The Green will gain the deciding score.

The Author's Thoughts: With Tampa Bay 1 game out of a playoff spot, expect a war in the Pirate's den. Don't expect Green Bay to break out of their funk in this game. However, the Packers will surely win.