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Chris Von der Ahe and the St. Louis Browns

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by J. Thomas Hetrick, Scarecrow Press, 284 pages, 1999, $42.00. Biography of remarkable 19th century baseball owner and rapscallion. Largely forgotten today, Von der Ahe, a German immigrant, believed wholeheartedly that baseball was a game for the common man. He's also the man most responsible for the marriage between baseball and beer and the game being played on Sundays. These 19th century Browns are the ancestors of today's St. Louis Cardinals. The author is a long-standing member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Illustrations, statistics, appendices, bibliography, and index. ISBN: 0-81083473-1.

"One of the best-researched biographies that anyone will ever read in the sports genre."

-Phil Wood, WTEM Radio in Washington, DC.

Finalist for the Seymour Medal, awarded for the best book of baseball history for the year.

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