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The Short Story Anthology Project (SSAP)

The Short Story Anthology Project is a series of writings organized for book anthologies.

Unusual Circumstances, an anthology of short fiction from around the globe, is now available. "If you had one hour to do anything you wanted, what would you do?" Such is the premise from author Sue Fuerst in her story The Hour Glass. This arresting collection explores the vagaries of the human condition. Examined are age-old issues of love and hatred, fear, loneliness, revenge, unbridled happiness, delusions of grandeur, depression, sexuality, and hope. Featuring the talents of Brian Ames, Jack De Vries, Michael Largo, Paul Perry, H. H. Morris, Steven Riddle, and Jessica Slater. Pocol Press, twenty five authors, 150 pages, $13.95. ISBN: 1-929763-03-4.

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