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Simply Soy: Nature's Own Antidote

by Julia Elliott

Seven years ago, in order to mitigate the effects of menopause, Julia Elliott began using soy in her diet. This is her story. With her doctor charting her changes as she used soy instead of hormone replacement therapy, Elliott lessened her menopausal effects. Read about her medical odyssey. What exactly did soy do for her menopausal symptoms? Can soy help with heart disease and osteoporosis? This book, written in plain language, provides some interesting, informative, and surprising common sense solutions. Simply Soy: Nature's Own Antidote is also a sourcebook for health and hope. Inside is a variety of information:

* Description of menopause
* Recipes for soy and tofu
* The benefits and warnings about soy diets
* Women's health resource organizations
* Resources, books, and web sites about menopause and soy
* Herb alternatives to alleviate menopause symptoms
* Benefits of vitamins and minerals

Julia Elliott has come to be known as a "soy authority" on the internet. She has frequently appeared on radio and television, at workshops and lectures, and runs her own business called SoyCon, a consulting service made available for those who want the REAL story on soy.

"Julia Elliott is a pioneer in the area of bringing the benefits of soy to women in their quest for health solutions."
-Dr. George Zarillo, Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist