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Who was Nostradamus?

Undoubtedly the greatest seer in history, Michel de Nostradame, better known by his latinized pseudonym, Nostradamus, lived in France during the 16th-century. His prophecies, of both events while alive and in the distant future, have fascinated people for over 400 years, by virtue of their startling accuracy and the imbroglio of controversy they have caused.

In addition to being a physician credited with abating the Black Death across Europe, an accomplished astronomer/astrologer, botanist, and inventor, Nostradamus wrote The Centuries, a ten volume treatise, with each "century" containing roughly 100 of his prophesies. These prophesies, written in enigmatic four-line stanzas known as "quatrains," have been subject to great scrutiny and interpretation. With foresight, that has both amazed and terrified, he correctly predicted the following:

  • The Death of King Henry of Navarre.
  • The French Revolution, to include the deaths of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by guillotine.
  • The rise and fall of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler (cited as "Hister" in his quatrains).
  • The invention of the atomic bomb and the destruction of Hiroshima.
  • The Kennedy assassinations.
  • The first moon walk
  • Sadaam Hussein and Desert Storm.
  • The fall of communism.

An Incredible Discovery!

A startling discovery was made recently. Unearthed were additional volumes of The Centuries. In it, is contained perhaps Nostradumus greatest revelations of all: His NFL Football predictions, starting with the year 1998. Already, he has prophesized the outcome of the Super Bowl XXXII with this chillingly astute quatrain:

Where Cold Waters become warm,

Long-conquered renegades become regent.

As ancient ernes are swept aside,

Citizens of Lombardy will grieve and lament.

 Interpretation: Line one infers to an El Nino event. Indeed, El Nino affected San Diego, site of the 1998 Super Bowl. The second line alludes to the AFC's (formerly the "renegade" American Football League) long run of Super Bowl failures, which finally ended by virtue of Denver's memorable performance to become "kings" of the NFL. The third line actually depicts the game itself, where Denver's offensive line literally ran roughshod through the fatigued defense, which included Reggie White and Seth Joyner, both of whom were former members of the Philadelphia Eagles. Erne is an archaic reference to an eagle. Nostradamus could have referred to the "former Eagle" status of these players or simply the fact that they were too old for the task. The final line, mentions the Italian region of Lombardy, which was once a Papal state. This is most surely, an anagram of former Green Bay Coach Vince Lombardi, in which his citizens are the multitudes of fans who revel in wearing cheese sculptures upon their head.

Imagine having the above prophesy in hand before the Super Bowl!$$!

See the NFL Prophecies of Nostradamus (if you dare)!

Advisory: As with all predictions by the great seer, the prophecies are cryptic in nature and subject to interpretation. They, of course, do not specifically state "Rams by 12." In life, Nostradamus employed different languages, anagrams, astrological references, etc., to veil the direct meaning of his prophesies. Had he not done this, especially during the height of the Inquisition, Nostradamus risked charges of sorcery and near-certain death. As not to prejudice your interpretation, I will not analyze the quatrains until after the games are played. As with any predictions, even those of Nostradamus, they must be treated purely as speculative in nature.



NOSTRADUMUS' WEEK 1 PROPHECIES (Why wait till September? The great seer made these picks four centuries ago!)

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