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Sunday, Oct. 31 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)


Buffalo (-3.5) at Baltimore, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The reeling Bison regroup,
Against the sad crows they feast.
A conquest on their sojourn at last,
Leaving their rival standing amongst the least.

The Author's Thoughts: Tony Banks gets the nod in a Baltimore QB tandem that resembles the The Three Stooges. Buffalo, in the middle of a difficult three-week road swing, at least won't have to contend with a biorhythm-destroying West Coast road swing. The Bills get back to some winning ways against a Ravens team that looked downright rancid in their game against the Chiefs.


Bills by 10. A Lock!


Carolina at Atlanta (-2), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophecy:  Atlanta played the Steelers tough on the road. Chris Chandler makes a big difference in an otherwise dead offense. He took a beating on Monday and reinjured the hamstring. Carolina also has a big injury issue with Tim Biakabatuba. This is one of the games where it's just as easy to flip a coin to determine the outcome. The overall strength of Carolina as a team makes them Nostradamus' choice.

Panthers by 3.


Chicago at Washington (-8.5), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

For half a fortnight Norvus is grim,
Against the Stars an ultimatum is weighed.
They invite stumbling Ursus, short of victor,
The Son of John will provide the passing grade.

The Author's Thoughts: With Bears QB Shane Mathews and WR Curtis Conway both hurt, the Bears offense has scored just one offensive TD (a fluke play at that) in the past two games. Cade McNown is not the answer. As lonk as the 'Skins don't play Dallas, they are world-beaters. The chat between owner Dan Snyder and Norv Turner (a win or elso ultimatum I bet) may spark the team who supports their head coach. Chicago's defense keeps in close but the Washington weapons put too many points on the board.

Panthers by 7.

Cleveland at New Orleans (-10), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

In the martyr's sepulcher the fledglings shall fail,
A portent to a campaign devoid of hope.
At last a convincing battle for the annointed William,
Caused by the danned defenders inability to cope.

The Author's Thoughts:  A winnable game for the Browns. Sorry, wait for the next Bengals game. Mike Ditka has so lambasted the team, after their loss to the Giants, if they have any heart will rebound and beat the worst team in the NFL. Having home field advantage also factors in heavily. The tough question is, how badly will the Browns lose. I think the Vegas sharps have it right on the nose. After all, it's only fitting that New Orleans wins the day before All Saints Day.

Saints by 10. A Lock!

Dallas at Indianapolis (-3), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The young horse stands strong while tested,
Whilst the Stellas romp was fested.
The horse-drivers competence is questioned,
When his tactics are bested.

The Author's Thoughts: Which Cowboys will show up. The ones that couldn't even beat the Eagles or the ones that demolished Washington last week. This is a compelling match-up. The Colts are one of the 4 or 5 best teams in the AFC right now. Nostradamus goes with experience as he forsees the "Horse-driver" (Mora or Manning) committing some late gaffe that will snatch defeat from victory.

Cowboys by 3.


Jacksonville (-12.5) at Cincinnati, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Their backs to the river,
The Bengalis don their war mask:
With Pickens and Scott making crucial receptions,
They come close but are short of the task.

The Author's Thoughts: On Halloween, the Bengals players come dressed up players?!? The coaches' dead pool has Bruce Coslet in the front for first coach to be let go this year. Another bad showing (Bengals haven't scored a TD the last two games) could be the end for Coslet. Yes, the Jaguars stand alone in the rarefied air of the NFL's "best of the best." But their offense hass still not gelled yet. Look for RB Fred Taylor to return. But QB Mark Brunell is still questionable and starting TE Damon Jones is still out. Tom Coughlin is better served starting Jay Fiedler at QB in a game they can win with their eyes closed. Jacksonville wins but Cincy makes it respectable.

Jaguars by 3.


New York Giants (-2.5) at Philadelphia, 1:00 p.m.

The Prophecy: It is astonishing, really, that a team that cannot average even one touchdown a game has been in a position to win six of its seven games. Welcome to the Eagles. But this day will not be lost on a last-second flub. The Giants, who found some offense in their rout against the Saints, continue their winning ways in a near-identical. Watch Doug Pedersen yield to Donovan McNab as the gme gets ugly early. The Eagles linemen will be pulling young Donovan halfway out of the hard Astroturf all day.

Giants by 21. A Lock!


St. Louis (-3) at Tennessee, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Aries is in full retreat,
Perfection suffers as the offense breaks ranks.
The day belongs to the moon of Saturn,
The citizens give George their thanks.

The Author's Thoughts: Before you jump on the Rams' bandwagon too quickly, remember this: The combined record of the Rams first 6 victims is a wretched 8-33!!! They play a real team in the Titans, who have already knocked off the Jaguars, are home, come off a bye week and have Steve McNair back. All of Nostradamus' insight strongly lead to not only a Ram setback, but a rout at that.

Titans by 14. An "upsetus supremus!"



San Diego at Kansas City (-6), 1:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The Red Chief is impregnable in their lair,

They contain the erratic Steeds

The citizens of the plains exult,

They see the fruit borne from questionable seeds.

The Author's Thoughts: The Chiefs passed a big test winning on the road against Baltimore. Now they face a Chargers team whose offense is unraveling fast. RB Natrone Means is gone for the year and QBs Harbaugh and Kramer combined for 6 picks. If you were wondering, Ryan Leaf reinjured his shoulder. Kansas City's only concern is the questionable status of RB Rashaan Sheehee. Bam Morris fills in just in case. Take the Chieftains.

Chiefs by 9. Lock it in!

New England (-3) at Arizona, 4:05 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Crushing defeat is handed to Crimson Wings,
Against lesser competition, the Revolutionist seals their doom.
Bledsoes and Glenn gather yardage
In the great desert room.

The Author's Thoughts: Arizona has turned from darling to dolt in a span of a few weeks. Of course, the Pats can give you fits. But if they don't falter early, the game will be a rout. Cards QB Jeff Graham will have an adverse day.

Patriots by 14. Lock it in!


Miami at Oakland (No Line), 4:15 p.m.

The Prophecy: No Marino for Miami. If the Dolphins struggle against Philly at home, they have a tall order against the Raiders on the road. This is a must-win game for the Raiders who still have not convinced the Great Seer they are truly back. Anything can happen, but fortune favors the Raiders.

Raiders by 7.


Minnesota (-2.5) at Denver, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophecy: With Jeff George putting teeth back into the passing game, the Vikings are back to playing beyond anybody's wildest dreams. The Broncos year is over. This is a developmental year for Brian Griese. It worked wonders for the Lions and Colts if you don't mind squandering a year. Denver can still beat anybody if conditions are right, but I think the Vikings have the urgency edge.

Vikings by 3.

Tampa Bay (-2.5) at Detroit, 8:20 p.m.


The Prophecy: Switching from Dilfer to Zeier is a no-brainer. Tampa Bay's offense will surely improve. As for Detroit, losing Sanders is bad, but Ron Rivers as well spells trouble for the running game. Tampa Bay's defense puts deep hurting on foes. They win it 13-3.



Monday, November 1


Seattle at Green Bay (-5.5), 9:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The battle all have waited for,
In the field made famous by ice.
Lombardi's spirit is with the Verdant Pack,
The Ernes flee like mice.

The Author's Thoughts: Green Bay will not lose at home. The Pack defense looked nasty against the Chargers. The X-factor is a big game from Bret Favre.

Packers by 20.