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Monday, Sep. 13

Miami at Denver (-6) 9:00 p.m.

The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

The stampeders quest for triperfection,
Against the Fish-men, they begin the trial.
The new Leader is true to his commitment,
James is vexed by his adversary's denial.

The Author's Thoughts: I'm beginning to here "Talking Heads" say that Denver can't 3-peat without the services of John Elway. However, there is no compelling justification that the Dolphins even have a prayer in this game. Denver is simply unbeatable at home, stomped Miami in the playoffs and still have most of the pieces that got them two straight Super Bowls. With a "system" team like Denver, a decent QB, such as young Griese, will do fine with all the weapons available to him. The Broncos can cover this by one touchdown and then some.

Straight-Up Pick: Broncos/Point Spread Pick: Broncos