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Sunday, Nov. 21 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)


Atlanta at Tampa Bay (-7), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The downtrodden defenders,

Avoid the expectant rout.

Lo, they fall short to their seaward rival,

The denizens of the Pirate Ship will joyously shout.

The Author's Thoughts: Defense rules the day. But the Bucs, and the resurgent Trent Dilfer, are just too tough to beat at home. Tampa Bay's incentive to win is great as a 6-4 record leverages them heavily for a playoff spot.

Straight-Up Pick: Tampa Bay/Point Spread Pick: Atlanta.


Buffalo (-2.5) at New York Jets, 1:00 p.m.


 The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 The rapture of the Red Knight transformed to sorrow,

As the airmen slim hopes are expunged.

 Short Douglas is not to be stopped,

The Bison devastate in their lunge.

The Author's Thoughts: It was a nice Monday night win for Ray Lucas and the Jets. But you can't expect this decimated squad to make any real strides this year. With WR Moulds back, Doug Flutie is again tearing up opposing defenses. The Jets D happens to be one of the league's worst. Buffalo by a touchdown.

Straight-Up Pick: Buffalo/Point Spread Pick: Buffalo.


Carolina (-5) at Cleveland, 1:01 p.m.


 The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 The mountain cats are plagued,

Always vanquished, seldom the winner.

They are taken to task by inspired Freshmen,

The fortune of the Irish averts defeat at the hand of rank beginners.

The Author's Thoughts: Carolina is inconsistent at best. Old, bruised, demoralized and 3-6. Cleveland has more than proven they can win in this league. But this week, Nostradamus respects the experience and expertise of Steve Buerlein to carve up Cleveland's secondary and pull out the win.

Straight-Up Pick: Panthers/Point Spread Pick: Browns.


Detroit at Green Bay (-4), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Beaten green warriors return to the shrine,

They intend to exact vengeance on Leo.

The Great Cats are ready this day,

They conquer the Pack by a trio.

The Author's Thoughts: The Packers are disappointing, but can they be 4-6 bad! With the salary cap and free agency, no team can sustain a dynasty. I guess Barry Sanders was an overrated superstar. Detroit takes it by a field goal.

Straight-Up Pick: Lions/Point Spread Pick: Lions.


Indianapolis (-7) at Philadelphia, 1:01 p.m.

  The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The horse conquers all,

No more defeat.

Against the flightless Ernes,

Man, James and Harris will play elite.

The Author's Thoughts: Here's two 3-13 teams last year that are going in different directions. Nostradamus has yet to pick the Eagles to win a single game this year. He's been right 70% of the time. Donovan McNabb actually did little with the passing game, but with him and Duce Staley, the Eagles can rush as good as any team right now. But don't expect the Colts to make 6 turnovers like the 'Skins did. The Iggles will not be able to keep pace with Indianapolis. The Colts wins big.

Straight-Up Pick: Colts/Point Spread Pick: Colts.


New England at Miami (-3.5), 1:01 p.m.


 The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 Against the attack of voracious Pisces,

The revolutionists will enter the age of crises.

The Author's Thoughts: Miami's D is absolutely punishing and Jimmy Johnson will be dueling Jim Mora and Wade Phillips for the crown in the very surprising AFC East. New England is dropping out. Lock this one in!

Straight-Up Pick: Dolphins/Point Spread Pick: Dolphins.


Pittsburgh at Tennessee (-5.5), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The Iron attack will be especially wretched this battle,

Wayward Stew looks green.

They are no match for the former roughnecks,

Their conquest will be of magnitude seldom seen.

The Author's Thoughts:  When you lose to the Browns, you are toast. Tennessee will toy with a Steelers team that is long overdue for Nostradamus' predicted meltdown.

Straight-Up Pick: Titans/Point Spread Pick: Titans.


Seattle at Kansas City (-3), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The western forces in a signal battle,

The victor could make the tournament.

With the chubby king leading the pack of seabirds,

They make the final statement.

The Author's Thoughts:  Forget the Chiefs hope team advantage at Arrowhead. They are not going to beat the Seahawks. Nostradamus' prophecy for Seattle in the post-season rings true.

Straight-Up Pick: Seahawks/Point Spread Pick: Seahawks.


Baltimore (-5.5) at Cincinnati, 4:05 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Orange Cats are toothless against pecking crows.

By the river there is endless woes.  

The Author's Thoughts: Here's a game with little interest. The over-under is 5! Ravens win.

Straight-Up Pick: Ravens/Point Spread Pick: Ravens.


Chicago at San Diego (PK), 4:15 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Chaos resides in the mission,

The future undecided.

The Lightning's field marshall sparks new inspiration,

The performance of Ursus shall be greatly derided.

The Author's Thoughts: The Bears are emotionally low after the crushing loss to the Vikings. Their kicking game is a mess. It won't matter much. Being on the road against the AFC's best defense (statistically) means the Chargers are going to win in compelling fashion. 

Straight-Up Pick: Ravens/Point Spread Pick: Ravens.


Dallas at Arizona (PK), 4:15 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

A pivotal game for the crown of thorns, 

Yielding little doubt.

The Stars attack is overwhelming,

The songbird is exposed in this rout.

The Author's Thoughts: Dallas for a big win saith Nostradamus.

Straight-Up Pick: Cowboys/Point Spread Pick: Cowboys.


New York at Washington (-5.5), 4:15 p.m.


 The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 The tribe wants respect,

Angered by defeat.

Against the ponderous megamen,

They give their faithful a treat.

The Author's Thoughts: Washington should win some games down the stretch. For starters, they lit up the Giants on the road. New York can't even move on the awful Washington defense. The Skins do it again.

Straight-Up Pick: Redskins/Point Spread Pick: Redskins.


St. Louis (-7) at San Francisco, 4:15 p.m.


 The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 Their fortunes are startling,

Aries marches towards the grail.

When the destroyed army attempts to defend,

They will surely fail.

The Author's Thoughts: The new king of the west is the St. Louie Rams. Not a rout on the slow turf of 3-Stick Park. But the 49ers are a very dead team.

Straight-Up Pick: Rams/Point Spread Pick: 49ers.


New Orleans at Jacksonville (-12.5), 8:20 pm


  The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

 The leopards play is of grand caliber,

Whilst the martyrs are down.

The Cross fight the scrimmage bravely,

But Brunell's air assault shall finally bring them down.

The Author's Thoughts: The Saints, inspired by their win over the 49ers, make a run of it. But the Jaguars simply know how to win.

Straight-Up Pick: Jags/Point Spread Pick: Saints.


Monday, Nov. 22


Oakland at Denver (1.5), 9:00pm


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The reign has concluded,

In desperation, they turn to Miller.

But the Pirate cannot stop the galloping horse,

Their future ended in this hope killer.

The Author's Thoughts: Put the shroud on Denver. But they can win any game any week. They do this time in easy fashion.

Straight-Up Pick: Broncos/Point Spread Pick: Broncos.