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Sunday, Nov. 14 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)


Carolina at St. Louis (-10), 1:00 p.m.


The Prophesy of Nostradamus:

Aries returns from a thorny trek

They are given no quarter by the feline pack.

They ancient general snatches one in the waning seconds,

They horned ones assert themselves atop the pack.

The Author's Thoughts: Panther RB Tim Biakabatuba remains unlikely to start Sunday. The Panthers could manage without him against the rancid Eagles, but they won't have a chance against a Rams team that could very easily be 8-0 now. Still, Steve Buerlein is a cagey vet and will keep this game close. The Rams will pull this one out in the end.

Straight-Up Pick: Rams/Pointspread Pick: Panthers


Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-14.5), 1:00pm

The Iron forge will win by the three rivers with little doubt,

A brave showing by Couch battered averts the rout.

The Author's Thoughts: Don't expect another 40-0 laugher like in Week 1. The Browns and Tim Couch, who suffered mightily with the flu last week, should bounce back and be more competitive. A 21-12 Steelers victory looks plausible.

Straight-Up Pick: Steelers/Pointspread Pick: Browns



Indianapolis (-3) at New York Giants, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Horse and gargantuan wage battle,

A war in the false lawn of the North.

Tenacious struggle between these two foes,

But jubilation by the beseiged is set forth.

The Author's Thoughts: The Giants defense has the ability to stop Manning, James and Harrison. The Giants have a way of winning ugly. If the Colts don't strike early, they might just do that again.

Straight-Up Pick: Giants/Pointspread Pick: Giants



Kansas City at Tampa Bay (-3), 1:01pm


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The reeling Cheiftains shall fall to the Pirate,

Their red armor of questionable metal on their sojurn.

Rum is passed on the brigantine,

Restoral of Dilfer heightens the return.

The Author's Thoughts: The Chiefs are a good team, albeit a very beatable team on the road. Raymond James Stadium is one of the toughest places to play on the road. Chiefs QB Grbac and TE Gonzalez took some heavy hits last week. With offensive performances like they howed against the Saints last week, The Bucs could become a very dangerous second-half team.

 Straight-Up Pick: Bucs/Pointspread Pick: Bucs

Miami at Buffalo (-3), 1:00pm

The phenomenon of the flutist,

Is assessed carefully by the tempestuous general.

He forgets about fortifying his assault,

His defeat by the Bison indefensible.

The Author's Thoughts: The ball-control style of play Jimmy Johnson has been using with Damon Huard may be his undoing against the Bills. The Bills also like this style of play. The Buffalo RB tandem of John Linton and Antowain Smith pounded the Redskins for big yardage. With Eric Moulds back and a punishing defense, Buffalo has everything going for them as the home team. It could just be decided by a field goal.

Straight-Up Pick: Bills/Pointspread Pick: Bills



Minnesota at Chicago (-6.5), 1:01pm

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Norsemen and Ursus skirmish,

The aspiring field marshall of the Lake town a bust.

The memory of the fallen runner not a factor,

The day belongs to the Valhalla trust.

The Author's Thoughts: This is going to be a Vikings rout. By 28 or more.

Straight-Up Pick: Vikings/Pointspread Pick: Vikings



San Francisco (-1) at New Orleans, 1:01pm

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The wretched wield arms,

Hermes of Orleans breaks through.

In the dome of the martyrs flowered helmets stumble,

The once-dominant finally come through.

The Author's Thoughts: Rickey Williams will score his first NFL TD. But the Saints are truly 'Aints once again. I wonder if the 49ers wish they had Jim Druckenmiller back. But somehow, Steve Stenstrom gets a 'Niners road win.

Straight-Up Pick: 49ers/Pointspread Pick: 49ers



Tennessee (-10) at Cincinnati, 1:01 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The felines yield large corridors to the Titanic,

Cubits of territory captured by George.

A game showing in the absence of Achilles,

Keeps Tigers from falling deep into the gorge.

The Author's Thoughts: Things are looking dire indeed for Bruce Coslet. How does this guy hang in there rout after rout. The Bengals lose again, but that is much points to get at home. Maybe once, the Bengals could show some guts. Akili Smith has a severe foot injury. Jeff Blake takes over here on out.

Straight-Up Pick: Titans/Pointspread Pick: Bengals


 Washington (-6) at Philadelphia, 1:01pm

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Wretched Birds are shot dead from the beginning,

The savages feast in the dungeon round.

Ineptitude of all wearing green,

They new field marshall is buried into the ground.

The Author's Thoughts: The Eagles will have have more sacks yielded than points scored as Donavan McNab gets the school of hard sacks treatment. The Redskins strike at will and win by 3 TDs.

Straight-Up Pick: Skins/Pointspread Pick: Skins


San Diego at Oakland (-7), 4:05 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Where rising silver gathers in the city of Oaks,

The young Steeds are dealt a grim surprise.

 The horses are corralled by the Freebooter Band,

A setback of magnitude no one will realize.

The Author's Thoughts: The key is going to be the health of Oakland QB Rich Gannon. His wrist is healing and he doesn't need to score too much against the worst 4-4 team in the NFL. The Raiders crush the reeling Chargers, 24-6.

Straight-Up Pick: Raiders/Pointspread Pick: Raiders


Baltimore at Jacksonville (-12.5), 4:05 p.m.

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The predators feast on putrid crows,

The wings cannot stop the Tailor.

A signal triumph for the Admiral's city,

For the Birds -- again the pain of failure.

The Author's Thoughts: Jacksonville is the only NFL team above the morass of mediocrity. They delight the home crowd with a 21 point rout.

Straight-Up Pick: Jaguars/Pointspread Pick: Jaguars


Detroit (-5.5) at Arizona, 4:15pm

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Revived Leo stalks prey in the desert,

Their campaign a dream.

Ineptitude of the Crimson ball movers once again,

The cats leave with the gleam.

The Author's Thoughts: Lots of uncertainty with both team's QBs. But without Jake Plummer, the Cards are in the same boat the Jets are in -- the Titanic!!! Detroit might like to have Barry Sanders for this game, but they have enough to win both outright and by the points.

Straight-Up Pick: Lions/Pointspread Pick: Lions


Green Bay (-3) at Dallas, 4:15 pm

In the city where a king was put to death,

Another former king is to meet a cruel fate.

The verdant pack team cannot keep pace with stellar helmets,

They cry for help as three and one beats two and eight.

The Author's Thoughts: Here's two 4-4 teams spiraling downward. Dallas is missing their triumvirate of Aikmen, Smith and Irvin. But Princeton boy Jason Garrett is competent enough to get the ball to Rocket Ismail. The only thing I can say about the Packers is that their coach, Ray Rhodes, just can't break out of the funk from his awful last couple of years with the Eagles. Same thing happened to Rich Kotite. For no better reason, take the home team.

Straight-Up Pick: Cowboys/Pointspread Pick: Cowboys


Denver at Seattle (-5.5), 8:20 pm

The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The sleeping gods awaken during Sagittarius.

The new Elway runs and throws to wide victory, sword quickly back in sheath.

A total failure for weak Ernes,

No offense is generated by their young chief.

The Author's Thoughts: It has been said since pre-season, Chris Miller is the best of Denver's three QBs. He proved it last week against the Chargers. The Broncos know every game is an elimination game. But this week, it will be too easy. Seattle won't show up.

Straight-Up Pick: Broncos/Pointspread Pick: Broncos




Monday, Nov. 15

New York Jets at New England (-5.5), 9:00 pm

The weaknesses of the Revolutionaries

Is assessed carefully by the corpulent general.

He devises a strategy to put the Minutemen down through ground assault,

Plus defense that is invincible.

The Author's Thoughts: You always have to assess that Bill Parcells knows the Pats better than Pete Carroll. He'll have something up his sleeve as New York stuns the Pats.

Straight-Up Pick: Jets/Pointspread Pick: Jets