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How to interpret this page: Below are Nostradamus' 2006 Playoff Prophesies, made over 400 years ago. The latest point spread is provided with the favored team having the point differential in parenthesis directly to the right.

 Based on The Author's extensive analysis of Nostradamus' cryptic prophecies, he has provided his interpretation.


Saturday, Jan. 14 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)



Washington vs Seattle(-9), 4:35 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The Native's long sojourn ends,

their ancient general is arbited unjust terms.

Their noble bones lay alban,

picked clean by rapacious ernes.


The Great Seer does not look kindly on the Redskins.

He sees a road-weary team (long sojourn) play a good game.

However, that second stanza probably means that old Joe Gibbs may be dealt a few unfavorable calls by the zebras.

In the end, the Redskins will find their offense, but so will the Seahawks (ernes)

alban = white -- I assume noble bones means he's talking about the Redskins, or else Nostradamus actually thinks Brandon Noble will reinjure his knee

NOSTRADAMUS' PICK: Seattle over Washington, 34-20



New England vs Denver(-3), 8:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

Equus sees a grim future,

The dynasty is unyielding.

Chronus is summoned and reversed,

the silent ruler's mace is wielding


It is obvious that Nostradamus does not see good things for the Broncos (Equus). What is odd is the third stanza. Chronus is the Greek god of time. Perhaps, the game is destined for OT (Chronus is summoned ). Or maybe, we turn back the time and see Adam Vinaterri kick another post-season game winner (Chronus is reversed). Or both. No matter, the last stanza is an obvious reference that Bill Belichik is not through yet.

NOSTRADAMUS' PICK: New England beats Denver, 24-21


Sunday, Jan. 15 (Note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time)



Pittsburgh vs Indianapolis(-9.5), 2:00 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The gilded are not daunted by the stampede,

stallions are offered the ultimate test.

Look to the air,

the fortune favors the west.


The best I can tell, the Steelers are going to give the Colts a run for the money. If Nostradamus were in Vegas, I see him taking Pittsburgh and the generous 9 and a half points. But the last 2 stanzas probably means the Colts are going to somehow pull it out, via the passing game.

NOSTRADAMUS' PICK: Colts over Steelers, 23-17




Carolina vs Chicago (-3), 4:30 p.m.


The Prophecy of Nostradamus:

The battle of beasts yields crimson turf,

Cubits of frozen land fought through the mire.

The citizens of the lake shall wail,

when Ursus is forced into the pyre


I don't know if Nostradamus or Jim Morrison penned this quatrain. But it looks like a defensive battle, with Carolina prevailing.

NOSTRADAMUS' PICK: Carolina beats Chicago, 20-9